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An Easy Cheat Way to Add the Dash Over the E in Résumé. You may be meticulous and eager to learn, but sometimes you don't want to pick up a new skill, master the software, or memorize keyboard shortcuts: You just want to put the E with the line over it in your résumé and send it out ASAP. Here's how you do that with the minimum of muss and ...
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Press the "Plus" key on your keyboard. You can release all three keys and begin typing subscripts. To turn the subscript formatting back off, press the "Command," "Option," "Shift" and "Plus" keys again.
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Mar 19, 2019 · Keyboard shortcuts for superscript and subscript in Excel. Although there is no shortcut in its pure sense to add subscript or superscript in Excel, this can be done with a couple of key combinations. Excel superscript shortcut. Ctrl + 1, then Alt + E, and then Enter. Excel subscript shortcut. Ctrl + 1, then Alt + B, and then Enter
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Sep 11, 2017 · How to remove embarrassing word suggestions from the iOS keyboard. ... Cult of Mac. To reset the ... It lets you type text shortcuts like “omw” and then expand it automatically to “on my way ...
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