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db2 select (col_list) from table <order by if necessary> and then pipe the entire result set to a text file db2 select * from table order by 1,2,3 > output.txt This creates a space delimited file, with all columns being equal length, and you may find managing the import into excel a little bit easier.
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START DB2 or START DDF are good choices, inder normal operations they produce a message but nothing happens because they are all ready stopped or started. In Reply to Charles Mills: I'm playing with IFCID 197, which captures console messages. Unfortunately, DB2 filters out display output and some other routine messages. I'm not a huge DB2 expert.
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More advanced scripting, including scheduling, is available from the script center in the DB2 Control Center (and you can use the journal to see what happened). The CLP is just a quick way to get going when you’re in the prototyping mode. Note -x in the output above: we added the ability to suppress column headings in fixpak 1 of DB2 v7.
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Hi, I am trying to capture the output of a DB2 command in a file. The command is /-SS12 DISPLAY BUFFERPOOL(ACTIVE) DETAIL SS12 is the DB2 subsystem ID.
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The display output option does not affect any other command line processor option. Display Db2 Interactive Prompt Option (-p): The -p option tells the command line processor to display the command line processor prompt when the user is in interactive mode. The default setting for this command option is ON.
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